Company Overview

Questpro provides strategic offshore hardware development to help clients reduce overall hardware project costs from concept to production. Allowing you to focus on core competencies, divert existing resources and recapitalize positions, generating more added value and profits.

Questpro and itís partners have worked with companies in the following industries:

  • Telecommunications
  • Data Communications
  • Networking
  • Medical wireless communications and
  • Transportation

Questpro takes advantage of a flexible, quickly scalable structure that permits low costs for all customer projects through completion and beyond. Leveraging the leadership and hardware expertise of Questpro staff along with partnerships with established companies in India, U.S. and China. This structure allows for the highest quality product development at the lowest industry cost.

Value Proposition
Focus core strength to growth into new market segments and outsource hardware and software process and there is 30 to 60% saving in overall cost.

Questpro Mission Statement
Questpro is dedicated to developing economies of scale for our clients, enabling flexibility to focus on core strengths. Leveraging decades of hardware and embedded software engineering and manufacturing experiences in the Silicon Valley, India and China, Questpro will ensure quality, reliability, confidence and value

Our goal is to allow you to increase flexibility in developing strategies for growth within the dynamics of marketplace.  Your many benefits with us are

  • Gaining access to hardware engineers with the latest skills and knowledge
  • Integrate high quality design, rapid implementation and timely delivery at the best cost
  • Scale staff as project grows or shrinks without impacting headcount
  • Continue use of company infrastructure tools, CMs and manufacturing affiliates