The user has restricted or no access to internet. The firewall is at one place protecting the user from all internet security breaches

The network downtime is minimized as the user client desktop is pre-configured and the user do not have access or restricted access to network configuration options.

The application and data are no more at the client side, but on the server provides data security and backups. The data encryption between server and client can further enhances data security

Questpro Systems IT solutions provide sustaining engineering support to the hardware and applications through manpower outsourcing for training and enhancement.

Questpro Systems IT client solutions are virtually maintenance free as the client OS and application are pre-configured and stored in Flash memory and run from DDR2 internal memory.

Questpro Systems IT solutions aim not only providing user end systems, but also IT outsourcing for application porting and migration with dedicated team of people.

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  • Installation and Setup
  • Maintenance and sustaining
  • Application porting/migration
  • Hardware/software support
  • Warranty/maintenance

Monarch – Thin Client Remote and Embedded
Monarch relies on most of its processing, storage, security policy and backup on a central server and works as a remote terminal (RT) to the server with no local OS. It works as independent thin client (TC) with local OS SUSE Linux or Windows CE (EM) in flash and/or (PC) in HDD. HDD can also be optionally added for local storage (PC). The benefits of this IT architecture are easier maintenance, increased overall security, productivity and lower TCO suitable to most of the enterprises in the service industry. The Monarch can function as a terminal to the server or as an independent desktop computer with specific pre-configured one or more web or server based application. Typical environment is browsing, training or a computer center where the user is allowed to run already existing pre-configured web browser or server based applications only. The user is on a local intranet and the server is gateway to internet access, backup and security.

Monarch uses lower power, cost effective and high performance embedded processor boards and pre-defined embedded SUSE Linux or Windows CE thin client image using Questpro customization tools set. The OS and application are embedded in flash or can be downloaded from the server. The application is run from server or thin client depending on performance requirements. The data is always not local, but access from internet or intranet servers with optional data encryption during data transfers.

  • Runs on cost effective Embedded Boards and Novell’s SuSE Linux or Windows CE pre-defined embedded OS images for all your computing needs.

  • Protects your investment and increases productivity with virtually maintenance free from viruses, malware, set up and configuration conflicts.
  • Server based computing provides data security, easy upgrades and backups moving the application and data from end user to the server.
  • Monarch works seemingly under SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and MS Windows Server environments.

IT solutions and outsourcing
Questpro Systems IT solutions use Monarch for enterprise service industry with total customization porting existing applications in customer preferred environments. Questpro Systems IT solutions and outsourcing provides enterprise customers and incumbent IT solution providers a total solution and sustainability with increased productivity and cost effectiveness. The applications are endless in the enterprise service industry where the employee is more focused to the customer satisfaction in place of worrying about endless configurations options and get fast time to ROI

  • Desktop Front Panel: 2 USB 2.0 ports, MIC, head phone, HD/PWR LED and PWR switch. Hard Mount Front Panel: PWR LED only
  • Back Panel: PS2 KB/Mouse port, Serial port, VGA port, RJ-45 LAN port, 2 USB 2.0 ports and 12V PWR I/P, PWR switch (Hard Mount only)
  • All models: Internal 512MB/1GB/2GB DDR2 memory, optional 256MB/512MB/1GB/2GB flash and optional 80GB/160GB/250GB HDD
  • Model: TC-RT: No embedded OS, TC-EM: Embedded OS in flash and TC-PC: OS in HDD.
  • AC/DC Adapter: AC input: 100~240 ~1.8A, 50/60Hz ; DC: +12V / 5A. Dimensions 215mm x 230mm x 90mm.

* Novell and Microsoft are trade marks of their respective product and services.