Whether you are a start-up looking to meet delivery schedules with a high degree of confidence or an established company interested in obtaining engineering talent for sustaining or new product development, your relationship with Questpro will provide mission critical service to your companies growth.

  • Questpro provides you with access to hardware engineers with the proven experience in the latest skills and knowledge
  • Integrate high quality design, rapid implementation and timely delivery at the substantial cost savings
  • Scale staff as project grows or shrinks without impacting headcount
  • Continue use of company infrastructure tools, CMs and manufacturing affiliates

Sudden Scalability
With Questpro outsourcing, you provide your company with sudden scalability in all aspects of hardware resource planning and management Questpro provides an offshore highly experienced hardware, embedded software design team to address your product development from prototyping to sustaining. Clients with industry strength in software applications look to Questpro for industry standard hardware without need to maintain hardware staff. Clients with industry strength in hardware look to Questpro for quick scalability of existing staff, immediate infusion of technical expertise and flexibility, if needed, to position limited existing staff on key company tasks.

Hardware Project Outsourcing Business Model
Many clients hardware development resources are increasingly under-utilized after prototype has proceeded through : manufacturing transfer, system validation, application software support and sales training.  To resolve this internally, the resources become minimized and over-run, not allowing hardware resources to be dedicated to new project growth.

India and China have become the industry standard for development and manufacturing of outsourced services and projects.  Questpro leverages expertise in both India and China while increasing quality level and maintaining intellectual property.

Our business model focuses on the outsourcing of hardware projects.  The model is utilized effectively for hardware-centric projects involving  the management of prototype, design, power balancing, build-of-materials, semiconductor chip design, optical interfaces, board fabrication, component distributors, FPGA design, schematices and contract manufacture relation.  These tasks will be distributed between India, China and the U.S. to minimize costs, maximize quality and utilize inherent efficiencies of the diverse staff.

Avoid the use of a software-centric outsourcing model being used for a hardware project. 

Project Integration
Questpro has worked with many industry design, product lifecycle management and problem tracking tools in both commercial and military operations. Since our goal is to provide you with the flexibility of scaling your project resources, we integrate seamlessly into your existing process by utilizing the same development tools you are currently using. Gaining enormous benefits with the project from start to finish.

  • Clients look to Questpro for expertise in design and development of hardware that reflects their corporate strategy.  Maintaining transparency in all design process stages.
  • Along with the design engineering platform, Questpro develops relations with clients established CM and manufacturing affiliates.

Client Long Term Planning Models
At Questpro, we have developed several client models specific to hardware development, in order to provide the teamwork and partnership needed to create cost effective leading edge hardware designs.  Enabling work, service and support that is versatile, flexible, reliable and smoothly transitions into the overall client corporate environment.

  • Build / Operate / Transfer model
    Questpro understands what your long term goals are to independently manage and operate on offshore team.  Our Build/Operate/Transfer (BOT) model enables you to do just that.  We establish the team, resources and project off-shore.  When your are ready the intellectual property in our process, off-shore resources and team are transferred to you.
  • Fixed Project Cost model
    When your roadmap and design are clear, Questpro can work to execute your well-defined complete project specifications.  This model offers fixed project cost for advance project planning.
  • Time and Material model
    When leveraging the architecture and design experience of Questpro staff, this model enables QuestPro to work with clients specifying hardware design in accordance with industry standards and product positioning.  Offers flexibility in product specification and design as project progresses.

End to End Project Management
Our experienced staff brings a full suite of hardware project experience from concept to production, including

  • Architecture
  • Prototyping
  • Board Design
  • PLD, FPGA, EPLD, CPLD coding
  • Chipset evaluation
  • Full technical documentational and specifications
  • Device Drivers
  • Embedded Software
  • Validation
  • Certification
  • Systems Verification
  • Sustaining Development

Hardware outsourcing operation includes test equipment leasing, emulation equipment, schematic / layout / simulation tool licensing, office equipment and engineering staff support.
The Questpro management model allows companies to dedicate time and capital resources into marketing, sales, system validation, manufacturing logistics, customer support, trials and next generation architecture.  Freeing existing resources for company growth into new market segments.  Allowing the flexibility to internally undertake and be selective on core developmental efforts.