Questpro provides strategic offshore hardware development to help clients reduce overall hardware project costs from concept to production. Questpro and itís partners have worked with companies in the following industries :
  • Telecommunications
  • Data Communications
  • Networking
  • Medical wireless communications and
  • Transportation
  • Questpro provides you with access to hardware engineers with the proven experience in the latest skills and knowledge
  • Integrate high quality design, rapid implementation and timely delivery at the substantial cost savings
  • Scale staff as project grows or shrinks without impacting headcount
  • Continue use of company infrastructure tools, CMs and manufacturing affiliates
  • IT Solutions - Thin clients
  • Embedded Solutions
  • Testing Services
  • Functional Design
  • Chipset evaluation
  • Technical Documentation
  • PCB Layout
  • Prototyping
  • Device Drivers
  • Embedded software
  • System Integration
  • Sustaining Engineering
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